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The main wiki and wikiserver administrator. Genderless purple penguin. Pronouns are they/them.

Part of the Penguin family. Married to Izzy and mum to Frisk. They live at their Fairy Base, close to Fairy Village and Fairy Station.

Danni's Wish List/To-Do List

(Subject to Change)

Main page - Description of Bilbcraft, links to relevant sites and videos, picture of the server, list of wiki admins and server mods, and maybe Patrons?

Spawn - Information about spawn, list of buildings and facilities, which can be linked to their own pages. Maybe a map?

Train lines - information about the main train lines, stations, map, etc.

Branch lines - ditto above

Villages/Towns/Cities - list of notable places with coordinates, with info about builders, facilities and cool builds.

Notable users - people who have built cool things, done cool stuff for the server. All users can do up their user pages as they like.

Streams - info about Ellen's streams with links to the videos and short description

Bilbo - info about the cat that inspired all this.

Rules - similar to the server ones, mostly don't be destructive or hurtful.

Personal to Danni - the Purple Penguin Line site - timetable, information, etc.