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Bilbcraft provides a myriad of different transport options for travelling around the map.

Heavy rail

Railways on the server are predominantly operated by the Central Rail Authority, based at the Spawn Village. The map provides cardinal axis travel via the North-South Mainline and East-West Mainline routes, which connect together at Central Station.

Branch Lines

There are also branch lines, some run by players rather than the Central Rail Authority. These include:

Historical Branch Lines include:

Light rail

There are currently two Subway lines, both around spawn. They are:

Portal network

Central Station offers portals to The End and The Nether. There is also a system of Nether Portals, forming the North/South Nether Highway and the East/West Nether Highway.

Elytra infrastructure

Elytras can be bought from the Bilbair vendor in Central Station for 64 Melon Slices and 16 Iron Ingots. There are also teleport pads for using Elytras in Central Station and at Gentoo Interchange.

Teleport infrastructure

Currently there is a teleport button in East Plains to East Mesa. This will be removed once the East-West Mainline extends to East Mesa. Currently there is not a plan to extend the Rail line to Mesa Bay.