Spawn Village

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Welcome to Spawn! Here you will find shops, administration buildings, and Central Station, which is the center of all rail lines through the server.

Spawn Square.

Below is a list of shops in Spawn:

Tub Tub Ln Redstone/Church Abandoned
Central North Rd Bilbo Hall Arena
Boardwalk Rd Bilbank Bank
Hotel Way Bilbank Bank
Boardwalk Rd Loo's Bee Shop Bee
Tub Tub Ln Claire's Greenhouse Bee
Lagan St Claire's Bakery Bone
Kissin' Kitties Alley (Alley #1) Kissing Booth Cats
Northbound Ln Adventure R's Guild Club
Library St Adventure R's Guild Club
Rise Crescent Blockhead Club
Stoneworks St Tobania's Flower and Dye Shop Dye
Bean St Mushroom Soup Shop (old) Expired
Bean St House? Expired?
Allie's Farm Ln Allie's Farm Farm
Antifascist Ave Community Farm Farm
Tub Tub Lane Before You Bake Bakery Food
Rise Crescent Bilbo King Food
Rise Crescent Medicinal Kelp Dispencery Food
Hotel Way BBC Food
Monet Drive Bilbcraft Institute of Art Art
Station St Inkys bakery Food
Lagan St Bone Hurting Juice Shop Food
Lagan St Bilbo's Potato Farm Food
Tub Tub Ln The Mushroom Mushroom Supply and Sundries Food
Mug Mug Ln Bilboba Food
Station St Cat Cafe Food/Pet
Dreamie's Entry Blimpo Banner Dispenser Free Banner
Central North Rd Glassworks Glass
Northbound Ln Administration Directorate Government
Mug Mug Ln Bureau of International Labor Government
Unknown Spawn Central Jail Government
Antifascist Ave Doctor Healing
Antifascist Ave HRT Clinic Healing
Antifascist Ave Temple of the Bboy House of Worship
Stoneworks St Studio Apartment Housing
Station St Tiny Hut Housing
Central North Rd Central Apartments Housing
Tub Tub Ln Abandoned House Housing
Tub Tub Ln loveparasite's old house (abandoned) Housing
Antifascist Ave House Housing
Antifascist Ave Inkybrain's House Housing
Antifascist Ave 72Volt's House Housing
Antifascist Ave foophoof's House Housing
Antifascist Ave Public Housing Housing
Antifascist Ave Dook's House Housing
Antifascist Ave Artemis' Love Shack Housing
Unknown Social Housing 1 Housing
Unknown Social Housing 2 Housing
Gateway Blvd ??? Leatherworks?
Gateway Blvd Sue, Grabbit, and Runne Legal Aid Legal Aid/Pet
Gateway Blvd Gunpowder Shop Rockets
Antifascist Ave Map Shop (in progress) Maps
Stoneworks St Stoneworks Material
Hotel Way Slime and Ice Shop Material
Gateway Blvd Snazzy Azzy Material
Station St Land's End Material
Station St Nether Better Material
Station St Jungle Jims Material
Boardwalk Road Lapis Kiosk Material
Treehouse Trail Wild Wool World Material
Georgetown Way Gotta Lotta Terracotta Material
Allie's Farm Ln Vanilla Wood and Flower Shop Material
Northbound Ln Super Smelter and Concrete Shop Material
Mug Mug Ln Dirt Cheap Material
Quarry St Skybunny's Stoneworks Material
Library St Public Store Materials
Rise Crescent The Red Scare Redstone Supply Materials
Marina St Sand Shop Materials
Lagan St Knick-Nack Shop by Leaf (in progress) Miscellaneous
Antifascist Ave Big Ben Miscellaneous
Mountain Ln Archaeology Museum Museum
Spawn Sq Bilbo Museum Museum
Great Victoria St Twitter Meowseum Museum
Station St Thurston Waffles Park Park
Gateway Blvd Mica's Parkour Park
Rings St Unlabeled Park Park
Great Victoria St Arboretum Park
Great Victoria St Memoriam Park Park
Georgetown Way Best Friends Animal Society Pet
Tub Tub Ln Karson's Turtle Farm Pet
Lagan St Riverside Piano (in progress) Piano
Gateway Blvd City Hall Inn Pub
Unknown Ye Old Bboy Pub
Wheeltapper's Ln Railway Arms Pub
Gateway Blvd Cat's Meow Pub?
Spawn Sq Public Works Public Tools
Wife St Bilbounce Recreation
Wife St Gainesville Stables Recreation
Great Victoria St Parkourse (in progress) Recreation
Stoneworks St Kickstartr Rocket
Treehouse Trail Sauna Spa
Library St Library Spell
Rise Crescent Lapis Kiosk Spell
Bean St Book n' Go Spell
Stoneworks St Forbidden Soup (Rear) Spell
Hotel Way Relic and Enchantment Shop Spell
Allie's Farm Ln Sky's Occult and Enchantments Spell
Tub Tub Ln Bilbooks Spell
Northbound Ln Forbidden Soup Spells
Central North Rd Slayer of the Ender Dragon Statue
Gateway Blvd Unknown Storage Area Storage?
Central North Rd Central Train Station Transportation
Antifascist Ave Train Office? Transportation
Quarry St Stoneworks Station (Cyan) Transportation
Gateway Blvd Bazinga Turtle
Lagan St Stalls (unclaimed) Recreation
Stoneworks St IDK Unknown
Tub Tub Ln Spanch House Unknown
Antifascist Ave Unfinished building Unknown
Antifascist Ave Cat Adoption Clinic (abandoned?) Unknown
Antifascist Ave Unknown (Dock?) Unknown
Wheeltapper's Ln Social Hall? (abandoned?) Unknown
Antifascist Ave Unknown (retroaqua's claim) Unknown
Tub Tub Ln Izzy's Closet and Underground Arboretum Wood
Bean St Pawn Shop Miscellaneous
Stoneworks St Elytra Shop
Hotel Way Spawn Central Mall (Empty)
at the street to the left of gainsville Take Your Pick Pickaxe Shop Tools (?)
Dockery Lane Fishing Dock
Dockery Lane Fishing Hut/Store
Dockery Lane Tub Tavern